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Tips On Getting Pregnant

Getting Pregnant With PCOS

This page is all about the most effective ways to get pregnant with PCOS. As with most fertility treatments, there are two roads you can take to fix the problem. The first way is the easy option and involves simply taking drugs. In the case of PCOS this would most likely be metformin and sometimes additionally clomid. With most conditions this strategy works fine, however with PCOS if you don't address the root problem your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS are very low to zero.

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What Is PCOS?

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. The name of this condition originates from one of the symptoms, which is enlarged cysts on the ovaries. However, not all women with this condition experience this symptom. The actual main problem with PCOS is that it causes a hormone imbalance in your body, resulting in a whole lot of different symptoms such as acne, irregular periods and diabetes. PCOS can affect your sexual hormones which can wreck havoc with your periods and chemical processes associated with your ovulation and menstrual cycle. That's why women with PCOS find it extremely difficult to get pregnant.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS Naturally

Without doubt the
best way to get pregnant with PCOS naturally is to change your lifestyle and find natural remedies and solutions to combat the root cause of the hormone imbalance. This page outlines the three best natural solutions to beat PCOS naturally. All of these programs have been carefully screened and tried and tested. They are all low cost and come with full 60 day money back guarantees to give you assurance that they really work. Using a natural PCOS solution will involve more work and effort on your part, when compared with just taking a pill. However, the results are worth it because you can actually get rid of the condition, not just treat the symptoms.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS and Metformin

Of all the
fertility drugs available the most prescribed for women with PCOS is metformin, also sometimes additionally taken with clomid (clomifene) although it should be noted that metformin is more effective than clomid when trying to get pregnant. Surprisingly even though metformin is prescribed in most infertility treatments for women with PCOS, it is actually not a fertility drug. Metformin is an antidiabetic drug used to control insulin levels (insulin is also a hormone). Metformin is prescribed to try to manage insulin resistance, which in turn will help manage your sexual hormone imbalance. It's important to note that taking metformin is the easy option because it is just masking the root cause of the problem, which is hormonal imbalance. You might have flashes of success but without a drastic lifestyle the effects won't be good enough to help you get pregnant.

Getting Pregnant With PCOS and Clomid

Clomid alone is not going to help you much if you're
trying to get pregnant. Clomid works to stimulate ovary function and is the main stimulant used during the IVF procedure to help produce more eggs. It can definitely help you ovulate if you have PCOS, however just because you ovulate doesn't mean that your chances of getting pregnant with PCOS will be any better. If you don't address the hormone imbalance you'll still be trying to fertilize this egg in a chemically imbalanced environment. The chances of your uterus not taking the egg or miscarrying are immense with an imbalanced hormonal function. Clomid success rates for women with PCOS are low and this is because it's not a wise option when used alone.