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Fertility Diet

Recent studies involving nineteen thousand nurses have proven that eating a healthy diet which is low in trans fats and loaded up with fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains rather than processed foods is an important factor in improving your fertility. The nurses who were studied were divided into groups of those who were eating healthy diets and were at optimal body weight versus those who were not, and it was revealed that the healthy eating group had a much higher rate of successful conception without intervention, regardless of what their age or other demographic factors may have been. The Fertility Diet presents all of the information that the study revealed and combines it with helpful nutritional information.

Fertility Diet Plan

The Fertility Diet Plan is NOT based on research; instead it makes its assertions based upon the results of surveys that were taken of the 19,000 nurses who participated in the fertility diet study at Harvard.

Although the information is not research-based, the authors feel that the diet that they are recommending has a direct impact on the levels of insulin in the body of a woman who is trying to get pregnant, and that the levels of this hormone have a direct impact on ovulation.

BMI Factor

In addition to studying the impacts of eating different foods, the Fertility Diet book authors also looked at other characteristics of couples who conceived easily versus those who had a harder time while
trying to get pregnant. They determined that the chances of getting pregnant are significantly lowered when a woman's body mass index was either too high or too low. The optimal BMI is between 20 and 24, and if you are either above or below this level they recommend adjusting your diet to get into the proper range. For those who are very overweight, even a drop in weight of five to ten percent can make an enormous positive difference.

Fertility Diet Menu Plan

One of the most amazing things that you'll find when you read the fertility diet menu plan is that the authors believe that eating a full fat dairy product can stimulate ovulation. Though they don't necessarily propose that a woman who is trying to get pregnant should eat ice cream every night, they definitely favor eating a single serving of full fat dairy, whether cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, milk or ice cream over low fat or fat free versions.

That being said, they don't encourage a woman who is trying to conceive to go beyond this recommendation, because taking in too much fat can have a negative impact on insulin levels. It is also important that for couples who are trying to improve their fertility, they remain mindful of all of the recommended aspects of the diet rather than just the dairy section; the book's authors definitely stress exercise, taking in plenty of healthy proteins, cutting trans fats and eating natural, healthy, organic foods that are high in iron and folic acid.

By compiling the information from the surveys, the book's authors found that there were certain similarities in diet from those couples who were able to conceive more easily; this was true across the board, regardless of socioeconomic or age factors. These similarities included taking multi vitamins that are high in folic acid, foods that are high in iron (particularly those from leafy green vegetables, beans and fruits rather than from meat), and staying away from trans fats such as those found in doughnuts or processed foods.

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