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Cost of IVF

IVF, or In Vitro Fertilization, is an innovative procedure that is done to help infertile couples to conceive. The IVF procedure involves several steps, including the woman taking medication that encourages the release of several mature eggs to be fertilized, the harvesting and extraction of those eggs, the collection of sperm from the male, and then combining the eggs and the sperm in a laboratory so that fertilization can take place under optimal and controlled conditions. Once fertilization has occurred, a number of embryos are returned to the woman's uterus, where it is hoped that they will implant and thrive. Medication is again administered in order to help maintain the pregnancy. The process entails many professionals using advanced technology, and has a very high cost.

IVF Cost Breakdown

Though many may consider the costs of having In Vitro Fertilization prohibitive, for many it is the best way to improve their
chances of getting pregnant, so they are willing to pay almost anything. Though costs may vary regionally, the average cost of IVF in the United States runs somewhere between twelve and fifteen thousand dollars. There are some insurance companies that will cover these costs, but many do not. The high cost is in part due to the many different steps involved in the process, the number of professionals involved, and the amount of time and technology that each IVF process consumes.

It is important when meeting with a fertility specialist to make sure that when a price is quoted to you that it is all inclusive.

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Some physicians or practices charge additional fees for services such as medication and diagnostic tests, and there are some optional treatments that may not be included but that you might want to pursue, including freezing of leftover embryos or the placement of single embryo rather than multiples.

There are also clinics that offer financing of this expensive process, while others will charge a premium fee that includes a refund in case of failure.

IVF Cost With Insurance

IVF costs can be so high, insurance coverage varies from carrier to carrier. Many clinics that offer infertility treatments provide staff that are specially trained to investigate whether your insurance company will cover any, or even part of, your procedure, and if your carrier does provide coverage, they will process all the paperwork and file all the claims for you.

This additional service is very valuable, as the process can be daunting. It is best to know exactly how much your insurance company is willing to pay, if anything, before you start the process, because some fertility clinics are able to offer you special payment terms or financing if you do not have coverage.

IVF Cost Calculator

There are several calculators available online that will help you determine the cost of the
IVF Process. There are several different factors that come into play, including where you are located, the success rate of the clinic that you are going to (meaning how many live births they have been responsible for), whether you are going to use your own eggs and sperm or whether you will need a donor, what the mother's age is, and many more.

Another important factor to be considered is whether the fertilized egg is going to be implanted into the mother or whether you will be using the services of a surrogate, which is a woman who carried the pregnancy for you to full term. Using a surrogate adds a tremendous amount to the cost of the process.

Cost of IVF Chart